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Claim Information

Available Claim Forms

To submit a claim use one of the appropriate links below. If none are available for your particular claim, please contact us directly.

Below is a list of claim contact phone numbers and online reporting links for most of our major insurance carriers.

We suggest to our insureds that they report claims direct to their insurance carrier whenever possible.

This allows the insurance company to get all the upfront details that are needed as well as answer any upfront questions.

If at anytime during the claims process you have any questions or concerns we urge you to contact our office immediately.  We have found it is alot easier to help an insured solve a situation that is upsetting or which they do not understand at the time it occurs than after the fact.  We do not mind getting involved in the claims process at anytime if needed.

If you need any additional help, have any questions or concerns please give our office a call immediately.  We are here to help.  918-251-2511.


Call 1-866-747-6931


Call 1-877-263-7890


Online: Click on Policy Type
Call 1-800-375-2075


Call 1-800-224-4170


Online: Complete Info

Call 1-855-280-5642


Online: Complete Form

Call 1-888-835-3326 Ask for Claims


Online: Follow directions

Call 1-800-252-4670



Call 1-800-998-8902
Call 1-888-992-5246 After Hrs


Online: Complete Form

Call 1-800-872-7015


Call 1-866-391-9675



Online: Click on "Auto Claim"

Call 1-877-426-4252


Online: Complete Form

Call 1-877-340-7325


Call 1-620-241-2200


Call 1-888-500-3344


Online: Complete Form

Call 1-800-274-7865 Auto Only

Call 1-800-527-3907 All Other




Online: Click on “File a Claim”
Call 1-800-428-7081
Call 1-877-974-5277 After Hr





Online: Complete Form

Call 1-877-922-9701


Online: Complete Form

Call 1-800486-5616


Call 1-800-628-0250


Call 1-800-243-5860


Call 1-888-522-8242


Online: Complete Info

Call 1-855-280-5642


Call 1-888-252-2799


Online: Complete Info

Call 1-888-253-7834


Call 1-800-503-3724


Online: Complete Info

Call 1-800-854-6011


Call 1-800-622-5230


Online: Info

Call 1-877-446-3010




Online: Click on “Report Claim”


Online: Click on “Report Claim”

Call 1-800-451-0286


Call 1-800-444-0406



Call 1-800-332-3226


Call 1-800-317-9402


Call 1-800-369-0369


Online: Must Register
Call 1-800-252-4633


Online: Must Register


Call 1-855-872-7787

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